Fading in the dark

-She was too young-

She wanted someone to hold her

She wanted someone to kiss her

She wanted someone to embrace her

She wanted someone to say and mean that they care for her

She wanted to fit in

She wanted to be normal

                                                                     -She was lost-

She just cries all the time

She always says that she is doing fine

She is really good at faking

She is always in a room with people she does not know

She is always at parties she does not want to be at

She is always with “friends” she does not really like

She drinks even though she hates liquor

She smokes even though she does not like getting high

She laughs even though she finds nothing funny

She listens to music she really hates

She wears clothes she does not want to wear

She smiles even though she just wants to cry

She knows she should not be with him

She sees the hurt coming from him

                                                                     -She will not leave him-

She is told this is the time of her life

She is told these are her prime years

She is told how she should look

She is told how to look beautiful

She is told she needs to be skinny

She is told she should be married by now

She is told she is not good enough

She is overwhelmed

She just wants to live free

-she is still too young-

She just wants to fade in the dark

She walks into her lonely apartment

She closes the door

She drops to the floor

She cries, while scrolling on her phone

-Life has taken her hostage-

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