Generational Bliss

Maybe we are all scared

I look at my friends and wonder where it all went wrong

How did we start drowning?

Hard to tell my friends they are wrong

When they keep passing the pills back and forth like candy

Liquor bottles makes the table look like a liquor store

All the fake laughs echoing in the air

If you listen silently you can hear the tears from their voices

You can smell the fear in their eyes

Nothing makes sense anymore

We said we would not drink again

Here we go drowning our sorrows

Running away from our problems

Saying we can have fun sober

Not realizing sober is not for us

Hard to tell my friends they are wrong

When they are trying to find happiness at the end of the bottle

Maybe its in the next one

Happiness is somewhere in here

It has to be, right?

Why else would people want to escape reality?

Who wants to be in reality?

Reality is full of disappointments

Reality is full of pain

Reality is full of “You are not good enough”

Reality is full of tears

Reality is full of abuse

Reality is full of “what ifs”

Reality is full of finding out who you really are

A wise man once said- if you look long enough in the mirror, you will find a stranger

So, do we really want to know we truly are?

What if that stranger, is who we were meant to be all along….

I am thinking too much again

Let me drown myself again

Let me try the pills again

Maybe happiness is in the next bottle

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