Silence is better than Fake Lies

Under the watchful eye of many

 I became alone

 Hiding in the shadows has become impossible

 It used to be so easy to hide behind the beauty of darkness

The shadows have lost their mystic

The shadows have betrayed me

 Darkness my friend you use to be with me always

Now the eyes are on me

 They are always open, they see everything and never blink

 They never stop watching me

 I feel them with each step I take

 They judge me without a sound

 They snarl at my choices without understanding my thoughts

 They light up like 1000 lights looking for things I can’t give

 I wish I could see what they see

What they see is entrenched in negativity

 They see only my flaws without understanding my truth

 They only see my scars without understanding my battles

 They only see my outside without seeing what hardened my insides

 They do not see my past only the destruction of my present

They see only what they want to see which is a contract I never agreed to

I never wanted to be watched but I never had a choice

 I never wanted to be a walking show, but I never had a choice

 I must Learn to show only a little and hide a lot

The eyes are everywhere

 where to hide when blinking eyes appear in the darkness?

I feel them watching me sleep, still they do not make a sound

They do not rush for they have all the time in the world

 When I move, they move

 step for step they match me

 Beat for beat they do not lose me

 when I look at them…. still they don’t blink

 They record what they see

 Then they tell my story without speaking

 The eyes tell all that the mouth doesn’t need to say

 They are without a doubt what I fear the most in this world

 They are my nightmare come alive…….they have always been alive

Dear world

Please stop watching me

For you will never understand me

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