We always claim to be grateful for what we have. But in our heart of hearts, we know we are liars. Not only are we not grateful, but we are greedy, impatient and downright disrespectful. We are disrespectful towards the things we do have, the things we are able to do and the things we are able to see. To be able to wake up and place both feet firmly on the ground, is of an eternal blessing that we do not appreciate one bit. Never do we take one second to appreciate the ground in which we stand, the way it feels to feel the ground that is beneath us. We just rise up and walk with full arrogance like we are in control of everything, like we are gods that will live everlastingly. To touch, to feel, to grasp are blessings not everyone is gifted with, but we do not care. We choose unreluctantly to not appreciate the gifts bestowed upon us, and the question is why? Why do we choose to live this way?

Humans cannot differentiate between a problem and an inconvenience.

 The person who is not able to grasp the hand of their child because of an illness or a disease, that person has a problem. The person who cannot find shelter for their family and must resort to sleeping on the streets, they have a problem. The person who is not able to get up touch the ground and walk to the bathroom they have a problem. The person who lays in bed all day without any way of communicating to anyone they have a problem. The child who does not have a mother or father to care for them but must jump from orphanage to orphanage for survival they have a problem. The person whose family is in a war-torn country that have to fight for survival every day, they have a problem. The child who does not know what pure fresh water taste or looks like, they have a problem.

Your charger not being long enough is an inconvenience. To have food in your fridge but complain that you do not want to eat the same thing twice, you have an inconvenience. Your phone not working but you have the means to go purchase another or repair it, you have an inconvenience. The fact that you have to work on a day where all your friends are going out, but you are not able to ditch work, you have an inconvenience. Your rent being raised that makes it difficult to pay but you still have a roof over your head, you have an inconvenience. To not be able to purchase the latest trend but not have to worry about food, shelter and clothing, you have an inconvenience.

I am not preaching, nor am I above this. I am part of the problem; I have a problem not appreciating the little things I have been blessed with. I do not appreciate being alive, having a pulse, being able to see all the wonderful and ugly things this beautiful life has to offer. I do not appreciate being able to just drive and hand select the food I want, I do not appreciate being able to eat without having to think about when my next meal will come. I do not appreciate the life that I live, the family and friends I have been able to accumulate over the span of my young existence. I do not call people enough even after knowing they can be gone without a trace. I do not make enough time for the people who want and need it the most. I just run around daily busy as if it is an excuse for being ungrateful.

Why gratitude is so difficult still puzzles me, maybe it is the pride we carry daily. Maybe we are just built to look at what we do not have instead of what is right in front of us. I promise myself to try to enjoy the little things I have, that are monumental to someone else who does not have them.

I just hope and pray I learn to appreciate and be grateful for what I have, because no one ever promised me I will have them forever.

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